Her Engagement Ring Is From His Ex-fiance
Listener Brianna in Egg Harbor Township, told us that she is a little freaked out about her engagement ring.
She is engaged to Brian and everything has gone smoothly preparing for the wedding, which is in 4 months; However...
Brianna just found out that her engagement ring is actually Brian's ex-…
This Wedding Proposal Will Make You Cry [VIDEO]
Dean loves Jennifer, so much so that he knew he wanted to marry her a year ago.  But he didn't just SAY that he wanted to marry her for a whole year, he proved it by filming himself everyday for 365 days with a simple 'will you marry me?' sign.  Oh, and there's a lot mo…
Maroon 5 Crashes Wedding [VIDEO]
Talk about a wedding gift! Adam Levine and his Maroon 5 band mates unexpectedly showed up at a couple's reception, and in the process gathered some footage that will become part of their new music video for the single 'Sugar'.

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