South Jersey Town Mourns Closing of Local Wawa
This Wawa store is one I patronize weekly and know well. This Wawa serves as the general store to this section of town; it's a meeting place, the spot to grab coffee or a sandwich or to pick up a quick gallon of milk. Now, it is closing
The WRONG Way to Pump Gas at Wawa
I was scrolling on my Instagram when I stopped on THIS photo. Look, I get sometimes we're desperate, in a rush, or simply just need to fill up the tank. But this is next level inconsideration at Wawa!
WaWa Hoagiefest is OFFICIALLY Here!
On the East Coast, we are blessed with the heaven-of-all-convenience-stores that we call Wawa. And every summer, the count down for 10-inch classic hoagies for $4.99 begins and we call this seasonal holiday Hoagiefest.

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