Super Bowl 50 Studs – Are They Hot or Not? [VIDEO]
The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers are full of strong, tall men! This Super Bowl Sunday those NFL stars will be running their tight pants-booties off to try and become the new champions! 'Social' Spring and Heather DeLuca are back to weigh the hot-ness or the no-tness of some Big Gam…
How to Make Engagement Chicken for Valentine’s Day
Trying to get your guy to pop the question? Glamour magazine has long claimed that a dish called 'Engagement Chicken' is so delicious that if you feed it to your man it convinces him he wants to be with you forever. They report that it's worked for many of their contributors and readers! As the sayi…
Hot or Not Takes on Politicians [VIDEO]
Oh, how we love an election year! In this episode of Hot or Not, we weigh the attractiveness of certain high-profile politicians, and explore 'Social' Spring's disturbing infatuation with Paul Ryan. Watch and see who gets our vote!

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