SoJO’s March Manness 2016 Puts Voting in Your Hands!
Last year your votes crowned Adam Levine the winner of our March Manness bracket! So we decided we'd retire Adam, and pit a new batch of the hottest men in sports, music, movies and TV against each other! And the more matches you vote on, the better your chances of winning our grand prize!
Where Would You Want to Take a Long Weekend? [POLL]
We want to send you and a guest away for a long weekend! We're in the process of finalizing details, but there's one thing we can't decide on: the destination! How about out to the Pacific Northwest, or Napa Valley, or Hotlanta! Vote in our poll and let us know!
Hot or Not Takes on Politicians [VIDEO]
Oh, how we love an election year! In this episode of Hot or Not, we weigh the attractiveness of certain high-profile politicians, and explore 'Social' Spring's disturbing infatuation with Paul Ryan. Watch and see who gets our vote!
Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? [VIDEO/POLL]
I didn't expect this to be a topic of discussion, but after a conversation with a friend last week, I found myself conducting a friendly investigation into whether a hot dog can be considered a sandwich.
Should Cursive Handwriting Still Be Taught in School? [POLL]
In this age of smartphones and social media, pen-to-paper is becoming a lost art. Moreover, cursive handwriting could be going the way of the dodo bird as more schools are placing less of an importance on teaching penmanship. We're wondering how kids will learn to perfect their signature in adu…

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