The Fight Over Adele’s Face
Adele is quite the looker.  And the big name cosmetics companies know it.  That's why three of them are in a bidding war over the star's face and willing to shell out an enormous sum of money to get her to represent their brands.
What’s on Your Bucket List? [POLL]
How many times have you daydreamed about big life experiences?  That you'd tour wine country or visit Hawaii if only you had more time and money.  SoJO wants to know--what are YOUR bucket list wishes?  Take today's poll!
The Downfall of Justin Bieber? [VIDEO/POLL]
Lesson of the day?  Don't call Justin Bieber a wanker.  If you do he might try to lunge past his bodyguard to wring your neck, as evidenced in this new video today.  It's been a bad week for the pop star, so is this finally the downward spiral Bieber haters have been waiting…

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