Grammy’s 5 Best Collaborations [VIDEO]
The Grammy Awards have united some unlikely stage pairings over the years.  With the new honors set to be announced Sunday, I thought I'd share what I feel are the 5 best Grammy live performance collaborations of the last decade.
Meet The Human Hourglass Model [VIDEO]
Iona Spangenberg insists she's just unluckily skinny.  The Romanian-born model's waist measures at a startling 20 inches around, just 5 inches more in diameter than a compact disc.  She claims she eats three square meals and snacks on chocolate everyday.
Coast Guard Rescues Man In Cape May [VIDEO]
A 61 year old man experiencing chest pains while on the  Debbie Sue is seen being lifted to safety in this amazing rescue video taken approximately 9:30am this morning.  This fishing vessel was 75 miles off the coast at the time the medical helicopter was dispatched.  He was taken to …

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