10 Films That Didn’t Win Best Picture Oscar [VIDEO]
This Sunday, the movie world will hand out its highest honors during the 84th Annual Academy Awards ceremony.  We're recognizing ten of the best films to never win Best Picture.
1.  Saving Private Ryan--It's difficult to imagine one of the greatest war movies losing to a fluff piece like Shakespeare …
South Jersey Student Asks Taylor Swift To Prom [VIDEO]
Kevin McGuire of Stratford, New Jersey has battled and beaten leukemia once. Unfortunately, the cancer has returned. Thanks to family and friends a new plea to singer Taylor Swift to accompany McGuire to his prom at Sterling High School could make this teen's dream come true.
Movies Best Presidents [VIDEO]
In honor of President's Day, I've listed my 5 favorite fictional film presidential portrayals.  Someone I wish someone like Michael Douglas' character from 'The American President' could actually be in the oval office.  On paper he's perfect.  #1.  Michael Douglas as President Andrew Shepherd in 'Th…
Daughter Complains on Facebook, Father Shoots Laptop [VIDEO]
When Tommy Jordan of Albemarle, North Carolina read his daughter Hannah's online post complaining about having to do chores, the father took matters into his own hands the only way he knew how.  He took his .45 handgun and filled her laptop with bullets.  Then, he took to the web to e…
Adele Planning 5 Year Hiatus [VIDEO]
Grammy golden girl Adele feels she's achieved enough success for one year.  So she's set to take the next 5 off.  Adele plans to leave the watchful eye of the public to focus on love, life and the pursuit of happiness.
Grammy’s 5 Best Collaborations [VIDEO]
The Grammy Awards have united some unlikely stage pairings over the years.  With the new honors set to be announced Sunday, I thought I'd share what I feel are the 5 best Grammy live performance collaborations of the last decade.
Meet The Human Hourglass Model [VIDEO]
Iona Spangenberg insists she's just unluckily skinny.  The Romanian-born model's waist measures at a startling 20 inches around, just 5 inches more in diameter than a compact disc.  She claims she eats three square meals and snacks on chocolate everyday.

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