Tom Morgan

The Tom Morgan Workout – WEEK 3 – [AUDIO]
I always wanted to be "that guy".  The one that was clearly in shape.  After just three weeks at Train Studios at Consumer Square in Mays Landing, I'm reaching toward my goals much faster than I thought.
Cold season is back..with a vegence
As I was riding my bike on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, I begin to notice that I was sneezing irregularly.  I was thinking it was the pollen, and then remembered that it just wasn't that time of year.  Allergies?  Only in the spring time...
X-Factor Progress Report
As we get closer to the midway  point of the first American X-Factor season (hard to believe), let's give out some grades to the show:
Simon:  A
Simon Cowell never disappoints me. The show brought a sort of new life to talent competition and could, just maybe, end American Idol (gasp)..…