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Bad Parking in Somers Point
It's time to publicly shame the bad parkers of South Jersey! Thanks to dsndingangel4 in Somers Point who nabbed this clueless parker at the grocery store!
Remember THESE Wildwood Days?
Growing up, if you spent Summers in Wildwood, or ANY boardwalk on the Jersey Shore in the 80s and 90s, you'll totally get this! Which one of these teens was you?
This Video Will Break Your Heart
Lisa Williams and her husband landed at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, when the pilot announced to the passengers that there was a fallen soldier on board, and to please keep their seats.
South Jersey Man’s HUGE Dating Secret
Dan in Egg Harbor Township came to The Mike Show for some advice. Here is what Dan told us about his Relation Situation...
I recently moved to South Jersey for a new job but haven't sold my house in Maryland, so I drive back and forth on the weekends...

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