Tanning Mom

The Tanning Mom Has a New Career
It's been a while since we last heard from the New Jersey Tanning Mom.  We know that she's no longer going to the tanning beds.....as much as she did.  She also still denies putting her 6 yr old daughter in a tanning bed.
Nothing new, right?
Today, we have just learned that she is …
‘Tanning Mom’ Before And After [PHOTO]
Patricia 'Tanning Mom' Krentcil, the New Jersey mother accused of taking her 5-year old daughter into a tanning bed, was once an aspiring model!
Recently discovered photos show that Krentcil was basically bronze-less while pursuing a career in front of the camera--which is exactly where she…
Should Tan Mom Be Banned From The Booth? [POLL]
Patricia Krentcil, the New Jersey woman who's come to be known as 'Tan Mom', has been banned from a chain of tanning salons after making headlines for allegedly bringing her 6-year old daughter into a booth.
Krentcil has been the subject of public scrutiny, and was even parodied over the weekend by S…