Sand Holes Are Putting Your Child’s Life at Risk
Most parents who bring their kids to the beach worry about sun burn or bad rip tides, both common occurrences that can often be controlled. However there is a danger on every beach that most people don’t even think about.
Seven Ways to Cool Off in South Jersey
The summer of 2016 rolls on and so does the hot weather with sweltering temperatures. If you're in need of some fun ways to beat the heat and cool down in South Jersey, you're in luck!
Show Us Your Summer Tan Lines!
Spent time on your tan lately? Purposely or accidentally? Maybe you've got a farmer's tan from your arm hanging out your car window, sock lines from yard work, or maybe the good, ol' fashioned sexy beach-time ones. Snap a photo and enter the SoJO Summer Tan Lines Contest!
Are You Guilty of Bad Jersey Shore Beach Etiquette?
After spending most of my staycation on the beach last week, it became apparent that some need a helpful reminder of a simple thing called, beach etiquette. With several weeks left of the summer season, it's a great time for a refresher course!
10 Essentials People Often Forget When Going to the Beach
Not everyone can live by the beach or frequently go multiple times a week. Are you a forgetful person, or have never gotten the chance to go to the beach and develop a bag-packing habit? Check out these items to keep on your checklist for what you’ll need to remember on your day long…
Do You Remember Fun City in Sea Isle?
“Fun City” lit up in glowing neon lights against the Sea Isle sky. The flying elephant ride and the sound of little kids laughing as they enjoy a night out with their family. If this sounds familiar you might know that I’m talking about the old amusement p…

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