SoJO 7@7

SoJO 7@7 Countdown For Tuesday, April 3 [VIDEO]
How far did Taylor Swift get tonight with 'Eyes Open'?  Did One Direction reclaim the top spot?  Keep reading for the days seven most popular songs!
7.'Better Than I Know Myself' by Adam Lambert
6.'Stronger' by Kelly Clarkson
5.'Somebody That I Used To Know&…
SoJO 7@7 For Monday, April 2nd [VIDEO]
Did Gotye make the cut tonight?  Did your votes keep One Direction at #1 for a second straight night?  Keep reading for the day's seven most popular songs.
7.'Part Of Me' by Katy Perry
6.'Eyes Open' by Taylor Swift
5.'Wild Ones' by Flo Rida
SoJO 7@7 Salutes The Holidays – Vote Now!
The SoJO 7@7 Countdown happens with me 5 nights a week @ 7pm, and we repeat the countdown @ 11pm just in case you missed it.  We always encourage you to vote for your favorite song to be included in the 7 most requested songs of the day (resolve to do this daily in 2012).  Tonight we do so…