Restore the Shore

SoJO Helps Restore the Shore in Forked River [VIDEO]
This past Saturday morning, Tom Morgan and Heather DeLuca made a 'Restore The Shore Tour' stop at the Forked River Presbyterian Church, to volunteer with a pancake breakfast in which proceeds went to the residents impacted by Hurricane Sandy.
You Can Help Restore the Shore
The road to restoring the Jersey Shore is likely to be a long and arduous one.  But it will get done with help from the entire community.  SoJO is committed to being part of the effort to 'Restore the Shore', and you can be to.  Keep reading to find out how you can help.
Hurricane Sandy Relief Centers All Around South Jersey
Today I stopped by the Ventnor Community Center to drop of clothes and other products to just try to do a little part in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
What I saw was a community coming together to help "Restore the Shore."
The room was filled with food, diapers, water, cloth…