Chicken Pot Pie in a Cone
So, I'll chalk this up to another idea I wish I'd come up with first.  Meet the genius Chicken Pot Pie Cone.  It totally eliminates the need for a fork!
Perfect Olympics Cocktails
My favorite lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere has come up with some really festive cocktails to celebrate the ongoing Winter Olympics.  If you plan on viewing any of the events over this coming weekend, these drinks would be the perfect treat.
Easy Homemade Cookies and Cream Fudge [RECIPE]
This holiday season, I'm looking to give friends and family something more unique than my typical cookie tray.  I found this simple and yummy recipe for cookies and cream fudge that will please young and old, look beautiful gift wrapped, and still keep to a cookie theme.
Pinata Cake Will Make Any Candy Lover Happy
Got a birthday or graduation coming up?  Maybe dad loves candy and cake?  How cool is this cake?  It's called a Piñata cake, and as if yummy cake and frosting aren't enough, you can take your sugar high to the next level with it's inside-surprise!
Make a Shamrock Shake at Home! [PHOTOS]
My favorite lifestyle blogger, Emily Schuman of, and I must be on the same page this month.  We both can't get enough of McDonald's famous Shamrock Shake.  Luckily Emily is saving me a trip to the drive thru with her minty recipe to make the treat at home!
Deep-Dish Pumpkin Meringue Pie [RECIPE]
It's time to get creative with pumpkin pie.  Whether you're planning on baking the traditional treat for Halloween or Thanksgiving, I highly recommend this deep-dish pumpkin meringue pie recipe.  It took my family dinners last year to another level!
National Coffee Milkshake Day! [VIDEO]
You love coffee.  You love milkshakes.  So why not combine the two today and get your caffeine and sweet tooth fix all at once during National Coffee Milkshake Day!  Celebrity personal trainer and fitness expert Tracy Anderson, the woman behind the bodies of Gwyneth Paltrow and Gisele…
Go-To Summer Snack When You’re Too Tired (and hungry!) TO COOK
You can file this one under 'From The Kitchen Of Heather DeLuca'.  Sometimes after a long day the last thing I want to do is create an entire meal.  Especially during the summer when the heat makes me cringe at the idea of turning on the stove or oven.  So I'm constantly turning to satisfying snacks…