A Look Back at the Pennsauken Mart
The Pennsauken Mart has been closed since 2006, and ground was finally broken last week on the site of it's former location. So, we thought we'd take a look back and reminisce about shopping center that was part of South Jersey history for 50 years.
Weekend Storm Spares South Jersey Bunny Rabbit [VIDEO]
Saturday night's thunder, lightening, rain, wind, and hail really pounded South Jersey. Trampoline's were sent flying out of backyards, trash cans were overturned, trees snapped. But one local bunny rabbit seemed perfectly protected from the damage despite being left in an outdoor cage.
The Best Flea Market in South Jersey is in ____
Today on the SoJO Morning Show, we discussed the craziest things you've seen at a South Jersey flea market. I always looked at flea markets like being on another planet, or 'Narnia.'  You typically  drive for miles in the middle of no where, then you usually park on a gravel parking lot, then yo…