Breaking Down a Polar Vortex
In the past week, the phrase 'polar vortex' has been thrown around a lot.  While it's fun to say, the physical reality of this kind of air mass can be dangerous.  Get ready for your science lesson class, because the polar vortex is arriving.
NASA Goes Gangnam Style [VIDEO]
'Ooppam NASA style'!  This is what happens when a bunch of air and space geniuses get some free time and a video recorder.  A bunch of crazy smart peeps at NASA showing Psy who's boss.
NASA Lands on Mars, Stars React
It took eight-and-a-half months for the NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover to reach the Red Planet aka Mars. The rover landed at 1:31AM ET on Monday, Aug. 6. Once the rover hit its target, the digital space was abuzz with the news. Mars is a crucial location in sci fi literature, lore and film, so naturall…

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