Matt Damon

Watch Matt Damon Prank People for a Good Cause
“The call is for you.” A stranger drops a phone in your lap. It starts ringing. You answer to a man’s voice but he calls you Steven. He sounds desperate. “I’m gonna ask you something and I need the answer to be yes.” You’re not Steven. What do you do?
SoJO Celebrity Hot or Not – Matt Damon
Raise your hand if you think Matt Damon is raise your hand if you think Matt Damon is NOT hot.
My friend Michelle can't stand to look at him and doesn't think he is attractive at all! She says his face is all scrunched up and he has a sour expression...
Matt Damon Goes on Strike [VIDEO]
Matt Damon has been known to use his celebrity as a platform to raise awareness for serious world issues.  Today, the actor and activist makes the announcement that he's going on a 'toilet strike'.
Matt Damon Hijacks Jimmy Kimmel Live! [VIDEO]
Bumping Matt Damon from the broadcast has long been a running joke on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (probably since Damon encroached on Kimmel's former relationship with Sarah Silverman...remember 'I'm ^&!@*%$ Matt Damon'?).  But last night the actor got his revenge with the he…