Adele Tops List Of Greatest Artists
Entertainment Weekly has just released their list of the 30 Greatest Artists Right Now. 
Adele's recent rise to fame and her impact on the music industry gains her number one status, according to the publication, just ahead of Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and Lady Gaga, and some surprising p…
SoJO 7@7 For Monday, April 2nd [VIDEO]
Did Gotye make the cut tonight?  Did your votes keep One Direction at #1 for a second straight night?  Keep reading for the day's seven most popular songs.
7.'Part Of Me' by Katy Perry
6.'Eyes Open' by Taylor Swift
5.'Wild Ones' by Flo Rida
What’s Overexposed In Hollywood? [POLL]

Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

Forbes magazine has just released its list of Most Overexposed Celebrities. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian took the number one spot with 65 percent of the vote.  Two of Kim's sisters landed in the top 10 along with Snooki from Jersey Shore and Lindsay Lohan.  Wha…
SoJO Celebrates National Cereal Day
I call the cereal aisle of any grocery store the most magical place on earth.  It's a land of dining possibilities for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Cereal is the 'anytime' meal.  So, on this National Cereal Day I thought I'd share some of the bowls I can't li…
10 Films That Didn’t Win Best Picture Oscar [VIDEO]
This Sunday, the movie world will hand out its highest honors during the 84th Annual Academy Awards ceremony.  We're recognizing ten of the best films to never win Best Picture.
1.  Saving Private Ryan--It's difficult to imagine one of the greatest war movies losing to a fluff piece like Shakespeare …
Movies Best Presidents [VIDEO]
In honor of President's Day, I've listed my 5 favorite fictional film presidential portrayals.  Someone I wish someone like Michael Douglas' character from 'The American President' could actually be in the oval office.  On paper he's perfect.  #1.  Michael Douglas as President Andrew Shepherd in 'Th…