Classic Pitfalls of Being a Mom [VIDEO]
It's the hardest yet most rewarding job on earth. Mothering. Moms have a lot of messes to clean up raising their young, but they still give it their all! Here's a fun video full of unexpected mother/kids moments.
5 Reasons Zumba is Great for Kids
Zumba is one of my favorite activities! It's fun and energetic, and incorporates dancing and music. It's an awesome way to get your exercise. Here are five reasons why this fitness craze is great for kids, too!
Five Halloween Costumes Schools Have Banned
Leave it to the P.C. police to ruin the last holiday where just about anything goes.  I always thought that Halloween was about scaring and being scared. Not anymore. Here are five costumes that some schools have banned already...
New Dumb Thing Kids Are Doing With Phones
It's called "phone pinching" and you'll smack your kid in the back of the head if you catch them doing this with that expensive phone you bought for them!
Kids are holding their phones by the tips of their fingers, or "pinching" them if you will, in the w…
Should Youth Football Be Illegal?
After three recent football-related deaths of high school students--the most recent casualty being the high school quarterback Evan Murray here in New Jersey, some are wanting to outlaw one of the country's biggest sports for youngsters...
What Age is Too Young For Disney World?
Wife Karin is mad at me because I think our boys, 7 and 4 years old, are too young to handle all the walking, line waiting and stimuli overload of Disney World.
I say wait 3 years and that will be the sweet spot.
Wife Karin wants to go NOW. She...

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