Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy by the Numbers
As we continue to monitor what could possibly be the one of the most dangerous storms to ever hit N. America, and for sure one of the most epic of our life time, we give you "Sandy" by the numbers.
Show Sandy to SoJO [PHOTOS]
Yesterday while I was at Revel Resorts in Atlantic City for the Creepy Cocktail Crawl, I snapped this shot of the ocean.  Though the waves weren't high, they were rolling and crashing fast like the ocean was trying to get away from itself.  Show Hurricane Sandy to us!
NJ Braces for Frankenstorm [AUDIO/VIDEO]
Forecasters have their eye on Hurricane Sandy as it churns up the East Coast and has the potential to meet with a winter storm on its way. If it does, it could create the perfect storm and could wreak havoc on New Jersey and New York City in the process.
Evacuations Issued in Brigantine
According to the Brigantine Office of Emergency Management Office via Facebook, Brigantine has issued VOLUNTARY evacuation orders or Brigantine Beach, NJ starting now.
A Mandatory evacuation order will be issued on Sunday October 28, starting at 08:00 A...
Mandatory Evacuations in Place for Cape May
Cape May County announced moments ago that there is a voluntary evacuation for all barrier islands in Cape May.
That voluntary evacuation will become mandatory on Sunday, before the full impact of hurricane Sandy hits the East Coast...