Should Youth Football Be Illegal?
After three recent football-related deaths of high school students--the most recent casualty being the high school quarterback Evan Murray here in New Jersey, some are wanting to outlaw one of the country's biggest sports for youngsters...
The Ultimate Jerk Chicken Wing Recipe
My Girlfriend makes the most amazing jerk chicken wings I've ever had.  Now I know what you're thinking and my answer is no, she didn't pay me or force me to say that.  This dish is truly one of the main highlights to my Super Bowl Sunday, and now I want to sh…
Watch the 2015 NFL Bad Lip Reading Video
The geniuses who created 'Bad Lip Reading' are back! Another NFL season has come and gone, and the people at Bad Lip Reading took video clips from the season.  Then, they dubbed in new audio that LOOKS like it fits, even though it's ridiculous.

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