How Trans Fat is Making Us Sick
Baked goods, deep fried food, margarine and even some crackers. What do these foods all have in common? Trans-fats. The Institute of Medicine states that steady consumption of trans-fats has led to an alarming increase in heart disease and unhealthy cholesterol levels around the country.
Bottom Buttering Could Help You Lose Weight
One of my New Year's resolutions, like many of you, is to eat healthier. But I refuse to give up butter. Candy and soda, maybe. But not butter. Lucky for me I stumbled upon a technique called 'bottom buttering' which helps cut calories.
Flatten Your Tummy With These 10 Tips!
With Memorial Day weekend and warmer weather just days away, you may think it's too late to blast belly bulge in time to hit the beaches and pools.  But you can make a difference in just a few days time with these easy suggestions by!  Stick with them and you're tummy …
92% of Resoluters Already Ditching Diet
Bring on the comfort food.  Even though more than 2 million of us began new diets on January 1st, only 8 percent are sticking to the routine.  Nearly all fitness resolutions have crumbled according to new findings.