Four South Jersey School Districts Rank in Top 20 for Bullying
Bullying in our schools becoming an epidemic. While classroom bullying is nothing new, it's becoming more extreme year by year. Plus, now with social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, the abuse of students doesn't end in school.
According to data from the state of New Jersey’s Violence, Van…
It’s Time That the “Fat Kid Rules The World” [VIDEO]
Growing up an overweight teenager is a tough road to go down - being an overweight adult is also difficult as you may have seen with a local news anchor being berated by a "total stranger", so in a month where we are trying to take a stand against bullying comes a film that shows t…
Should There Be a Law Against Bullying at Work? [POLL]
Without question, bullying is a continuing problem in our schools.  The state of New Jersey, and SoJO 104.9 are taking a stand with the 'Week of Respect' program.   However, are we assuming that bullying doesn't exist in our work environments?
Who’s Bullying Who?
Let me start out by saying--that in NO WAY am I wanting to condone bullying of any kind.  Trust me when I tell you, nothing gets under my skin then seeing a kid bullying another kid.  Lately, we have been seeing a ton of bullying laws.  The question now is, "who's bullyi…