Sand Holes Are Putting Your Child’s Life at Risk
Most parents who bring their kids to the beach worry about sun burn or bad rip tides, both common occurrences that can often be controlled. However there is a danger on every beach that most people don’t even think about.
10 Essentials People Often Forget When Going to the Beach
Not everyone can live by the beach or frequently go multiple times a week. Are you a forgetful person, or have never gotten the chance to go to the beach and develop a bag-packing habit? Check out these items to keep on your checklist for what you’ll need to remember on your day long…
What Lies Beneath Cape May Beaches?
Have you ever sat on the beach and wondered what was buried underneath the sand you’re sitting on? If not, maybe it’s time to get curious. We discovered two interesting landmarks that are now hidden from view on our Cape May beaches.

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