First Picture of Adele’s Baby
There are many things that Adele is good at. Music, winning awards and keeping her life private. Her son Angelo is already eight months old and the world has yet to see him...until now.
Taylor Congratulates Kanye West…Her Way
Last week Kanye West revealed publicly that he only said he was sorry for stealing Taylor Swift's Video Music Awards thunder a few years back because the public was begging for an apology.  Still, Swift managed to take the high road in congratulating West on the birth of his daughter, with…
Amazing Baby Sings Beatles Classic [VIDEO]
They always say the most talented people are born that way.  If I ever had a doubt I don't anymore after watching this 2-year old match his dad strum for strum while performing The Beatles classic 'Don't Let Me Down'.
Guess the Celebrity Baby
This sporty baby is being cradled in the arms of his celebrity mommy!  Maybe the soccer ball is the best clue of all?  Do you know who this baby belongs to?
‘The Baby Bachelor’ Episodes 1 and 2 [VIDEO]
First came 'The Bachelor', then 'The Bachelorette'. But who cares about guys like Sean Lowe when you've got Wesley.  Wesley is a toddler in a tux on the hunt for love in 'The Baby Bachelor', the latest spoof series from ABC late night talk show host Jimmy Kimm…

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