Asbury Park

Meet New Jersey’s Top Instagram Photographer
Instagram has given even amateur photographers half a shot at capturing breathtaking images. It's totally taken the photo sharing game to another level. Time Magazine recently listed Instagram's top photogs by state. So get ready to meet (and follow!) New Jersey's best.
New Jersey summer rentals already in demand this month
The frigid temperatures, biting wind and recent snow have many New Jerseyans dreaming of warmer days in a beach chair, with their feet in the sand and a beverage in hand. Realtors across the state are already fielding calls from vacationers looking to rent a house at the Jersey Shore this summer.
Somebody Needs A Hug – SoJO Stupid Citizen
Principal Tyler Blackmore recently told middle school students at Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School in Asbury Park, that they were in a "no hugging school".  What, no hugging?   So, what happened next?