This iPhone ‘Theatre Mode’ Update Sounds Like a Threat
It’s hard to pass judgment on iPhone’s new “theatre mode” because, well, it doesn’t exist out in the real world just yet. But according to a new report, that might be changing sooner rather than later, as Apple’s latest update is said to include this mysteri…
Apple Releases New Emoji With New iOS 9.1 Update
Apple is constantly releasing new updates to make our lives easier, or fix whatever problems they actually didn't handle. With the new release of iOS 9.1, Live Photos and Apple News are updated for our iPhone pleasure.
But really, the only thing I care about are these awesome new emojis that App…
Apple Unveils iPhone 6 Release Date
Are you up for an upgrade? Maybe you need to crack open your piggy bank, or perhaps sell a few more items on Craig's List? Whatever you have to do, get ready, because the hottest new iPhone is coming.
Imagine…An iPhone Made of 24K Gold!
Now THAT would be quite the 'posh' present!  Actually Victoria 'Posh Spice' Beckham recently received the golden gadget from hubby David as a 'push present' for birthing their baby daughter Harper.
Apple updates their MacBook Pro Line
Looks like Apple updated its MacBook Pro line with new processors and graphics chips.  Good news for buyers is none of those updates were reflected in the prices.
The most notable change is the 13'' version of the MacBook Pro now comes with either a 2...