Starting early Thursday morning, it's likely that Newark will be hotter than the weather as wristbands for American Idol are being handed out, in order to secure a place in Saturday auditions for the 12th season of the show.

The Prudential Center is preparing for the on slaught of people who are starting to arrive for one little bracelet that will guarantee them a chance to audition for the Idol judges and maybe hear Randy Jackson say "You're going to Hollywood!"

The Prudential Center has dealt with something similar last year when The X-Factor auditions were happening - about 15,000 people waited on line for a wristband to get a shot to compete.  Reps from The Prudential Center are predicting that at least 20,000 people will come out by 5am tomorrow morning to get that wristband.

Remember that to be able to compete on American Idol, you must be at least 15 years old, and no older than 28.  That has not stopped some older wannabes from going just to have "15 Minutes of Fame" on FOX.

Newark is one of seven cities marked for Idol auditions for 2013.  After this stop in NJ comes Los Angeles, San Antonio and Charlotte, N.C.

Amy Kuperinsky of The Star Ledger reports that organizers are advising hopefuls to be at the Prudential Center (165 Mulberry St., Newark) between 5 and 6 a.m. Thursday, although registration runs from 6 a.m. Thursday through 8 a.m. Saturday.  No sleeping over will be allowed inside or outside the venue.  After you get your wristband, you'll be able to come back to the Prudential Center on Saturday for audition day.  There will be daily updates on Idol's website.

If you want a shot at American Idol, you may want to be leaving for Newark now!