As more details come in about the shooter in the midnight screening of The Dark Night Rises in Colorado, other stories are surfacing about some of the victims of this horrific moment this morning.

A story has come out by MSNBC that one of the 12 victims of James Holmes killed in his deranged tirade was 24-yr-old Jessica Ghawi.  This aspiring sportscaster had recently moved to Denver from San Antonio, and escaped a shooting at a mall in Toronto just last month.

Using the pen-name of Jessica Redfield, Ghawi had written on her blog that she was visiting Toronto in June and stopped by a popular shopping mall to get something to eat when she got an “odd feeling”.  That feeling had her leave the shopping complex, then 3 minutes later there were gunshots.

Ghawi had somehow avoided possible death in Toronto, but the intern at Denver's sports radio station The Fan was not able to escape this tirade this morning.

Jennifer Seeger was lucky to escape the "Dark Night Shooting" alive.  Seeger told Today show this morning that at first she thought it was "a joke!"

The 22-yr-old was in the 2nd row, could see the shooter, and chose to crawl to the back of the theater for safety.  Seeger's quick thinking that anyone bolting for the exit doors  was for sure to be shot did save her life.  A slow agonizing crawl battling the gassed theater (eyes burning and breathing difficult), Seeger passed by victims who perished and feels "very lucky that he (Holmes) did not shoot me".

More of these stories will be surfacing throughout the next day or so, and SoJO 104.9 hopes to share as many as we can.