Celebrations for St. Patrick's Day will be going on throughout New Jersey, Philly, and all points beyond that.  Going out to experience the insanity is something that is needed to be done in one's life, and if you should make a trek out remember to be safe and smart as you enjoy the day.  Not everyone can make it out for St. Patty's Day, or have no desire to go out, but March 17th needs to be a day to be recognized, and it can be that at your home!

Here are 5 ways to enjoy your St. Patrick's Day at home - whether you are Irish or not:

1) Remember this day is not all about partying, but traditionally it plays into it

This cultural holiday recognizes the Patron Saint of Ireland.  This day became a part of Catholic lenten season celebrations in past history dating all the way back to the 17th century - where the restrictions of drinking was lifted for this day.  Shamrocks came to into play during this time to represent the Holy Trinity, and the wearing of the Green was actually a political statement back in history.

2) Traditional Irish Music (with a twist)

I grew up with the likes of The Clancy brothers and The Irish Tenors on St. Patrick's Day, but these days I want something traditional with a twist.  Bands like The Pogues, The Young Dubliners, Black 47, and The Dropkick Murphys will bring your Irish House Party up a notch.  Take a listen the Murphys take of the Irish classie "Johnny We Hardly Knew Ya":

3) Don't Go Eagles Green

American Football has no ties to Ireland in any way!  Yes your Eagles gear has the Green you search for, but you can do much better than that!  Soccer jerseys of Green are acceptable, but I'm sure you can find something nice in your closet with some shade of Green.  Dig up that old House Of Pain concert shirt - it has the Green and the Shamrocks on it!

4) No cheap beer, and some Irish spirits to go with it

The cheesy choice would be Heineken with their Green bottle, but you can do better than that!  Not everyone enjoys the stout taste of Guinness or Murphy's, so go for a Harp (which is a great ale to have anytime) or even a Smithwick's (enjoy the beauty of Red), but no cheap beer is acceptable.  No Blue Ribbon's accepted on this "Green Day".

Whiskey from Jamesons or Bushmills are the popular choices for shots, but not everyone is a hard liquor fan.  Bailey's is that creamy drink that goes down smooth, but they are so smooth it will come back to haunt you if you are not careful.

If alcohol is not your thing to have at home, then get the Shamrock Shake from McDonald's or find Hawaiian Punch-Green Berry Rush.

5) A Green Meal

I always hated Corned Beef and Cabbage on St. Patrick's Day (not a fan of either).  A twist for your home cooked meal could be Pesto Pasta - you never tasted anything better that was Green like this!  You could serve some Baked Asparagus topped with Parmesan Cheese as a side dish.  Create a hot Spinach Dip for your guest to snack on before dinner.  Veggies can be fun, and they should be for a home meal on St. Patty's Day (so why not Deep Fry!)  Don't forget the Shamrock cookies with Green icing for dessert!