With the early arrival of Spring and temperatures in the 70s, one place has been hopping throughout the area.  Think about it - there are not many places everyone can agree upon for a treat during this Spring and upcoming summer.  Very few things are better than Italian Ice and Custard - I will bet that the mere mention of Rita's brings a frenzy of smiles to all around you (as the sign says - Ice / Custard / Happiness).

I can tell you that on Tuesday the Rita's around where I live had a line 2 blocks long!  On a hot day, Rita's is usually one of your first thoughts.  The only drawback to Rita's is deciding what to get (which is a very nice problem to have!)  Are you feeling like a Gelati, or are you thinking Cream Ice?  Maybe a Misto Shake, but then there is the Blendini ............ thankfully there is enough time to get your fix in for the season!

The first day of spring marked the beginning of another season for most Rita's to open for business again.  There are over 50 Rita's locations in the South/Central Jersey region - an incredible growth of an idea that started in 1984 in Bensalem, Pa.  Bob Tumolo's humble beginnings saw the first signs that he had something special when his one store became 4 in the Philly area by 1987.  Two years later, the business named after Tumolo's wife began franchising their delectable treats, and by 1996 over 100 Rita's were in existence in 9 different states.

Rita's now can been found in 20 different states, and with over 500 locations.  The growth can be reflected in their ever expanding menu.  Rita's has 36 different flavors of Italian Ice, and they run the gambit of taste sensations.  You can standard Italian, Cream Ice, or even Sugar-Free.

My girlfriend and I love their Misto Shakes - she goes for the Blue Hawaiian, while I'm boring with Root Beer ice to create a Misto that is like any great Root Beer Float!  Her daughter is going for the Oreo Blendini - you cannot go wrong at Rita's!

You need to make your trek to your local Rita's as much as you can, because there are not that many stores that are open year round!  Their slogan for years has been "Be Cool - Eat A Rita's".  I think that says it all - now I need them to deliver me some Ice here!