In this 21st century world of live concerts where if you are lucky you may get a headline act to play of 90 minutes (maybe 2 hours on a good night), Jersey's own Bruce Springsteen puts acts that are more than half his age to shame - playing for nearly 4 hours in concert over the weekend.

"The Boss" has always been known for his live shows, and the marathon concerts he has put on over the years.  Sunday became a new level for Springsteen - playing his longest show of his illustrious career with The E Street Band in Madrid on Sunday night.

Hitting the stage around 9:35pm Madrid time, Springsteen went on to play 32 songs that included 2 songs with special guest and good friend Southside Johnny (another Jersey Shore legend) and playing a song for the 1st time live.  By the time this so how ended, it was 1:26am and this concert went 3 hours and 48 minutes - the longest show in Bruce's incredible career.

Stan Goldstein of, who is a Springsteen expert, reports that the previous longest concert for Springsteen was over 30 years ago - New Year's Eve of 1980 at Nassau Coliseum.

Think about how much you may sped on concert tickets - you often do not feel you may have gotten your money's worth.  You never hear that complaint with The Boss and The E Street Band, and this night the crown in Spain got more!

Bruce's playlist for his Sunday concert can be found thanks to Goldstein by clicking here.

Once again, more proof why Bruce Springsteen is The Boss!