The first month of this school year has been plagues by Mold issues in some South Jersey area schools, and now the costs of removing the mold is hitting some schools hard.

For Northfield teaches, they will feel quite a pinch as they will now face a freeze of many classroom supplies in the school district to pay for the clean-up.  The Press of Atlantic City is reporting that the potential cost of cleaning the mold out is around $400,000.

At Monday night's Northfield school board meeting, business administrator Linda Albright explained that it will be a "lean year", and this issue will have a major effect on next year's school budgets.

The Press of A.C. also reports that money has been transferred from some salaries (available because of late staff changes determined after budgets were set), benefits and funds that include money from cafeteria and after-school care.

One big question around the clean-up is how much will insurance cover toward the $400,000 cost - as of now there is no determination how much reimbursement is coming.

Insurance coverage is also a big question with the Somers Point School District, who was also hit with a mold problem with three of their area schools.

Pleasantville High School and Leeds School dealt with a mold problem over the summer.  Unlike Northfield and Somers Point, these schools did not have delays in opening the school year, but the cost of both of these schools for mold clean-up was also in the $400,000 range.