I'm assuming this headline is making your jaw drop.  Unfortunately, this story gets worse.


Susan Stillwagon of Pennsauken, a mother of four children, stole as much as 3,500 dollars through cupcake and bracelet fundraisers by claiming that her 9-year-old son had cancer.


The worst part is that she also led her son to believe that he actually had cancer.


Stillwagon is currently being treated at a hospital, as her mother claimed ,'she's sick and something has snapped in her head. That’s why she is where she is so that we can find out what’s wrong with her.' (NBC 10)


The hardest part of this story isn't the amount of money stolen, or the amount of deceit, but the amount of confusion this 9-year old boy has to have.  You have a mother who has convinced you that have a terminal illness, and now you've just been told that your healthy and everything you went through was a total lie.


If you use your own son to commit a crime, what's the penalty?