Imagine driving on the Atlantic City Expressway and you are apparently being pulled over by a police officer.  You think you have done something wrong, but not everything seems to add up in this situation.  This situation on June 20th added up to one man taking the law into his hands - and has been arrested for it.

6 ABC reports that Kenneth DiLuigi (pictured) from Sewell was arrested Monday at his Gloucester County home.  The 53-yr-old was behind the wheel of his Ford Crown Victoria, which is equipped with emergency lights, when he tried to pull over several motorists on the Atlantic City Expressway.

Action News found out that witnesses told highway police that the Crown Victoria looked like a police car, and that the driver was forcing cars out of their lanes, trying to get the drivers to pull over.

DiLuigi has been charged with impersonating a police officer, is being held at the Gloucester County jail in lieu of $10,000 bail, and police have also impounded his vehicle.

Could this be an early candidate for SoJO Stupid Citizen of the Week?