One Jersey Shore restaurant recalls a time when diners would spend time talking to each other instead of texting and surfing the net.

It's called 'No Tech Tuesday' at Sandi Point Coastal Bistro in Somers Point, N.J.  According to CBS Philly the idea is the brain child of owner Dan Anderson.

The Shore Road establishment plans to disallow cell phones, video games and television during dining hours this one day of the week.

Growing tired of all the texting and Tweeting Anderson says:

“I’ve been introduced to people and people haven’t looked up from their cell phone when they shake their hand to meet me,” Anderson said. “I’m not the President, but you would like to have a little eye contact, a ‘hello’ or something.”


Sandi Point Coastal Bistro owner Dan Anderson w/N.J. Gov. Chris Christie


Anderson realizes his experiment may not be a very popular one.  But after all, dining with someone should be about socializing with another human being right?  So could you get through a meal without your cell phone or outside tech distractions?  Take today's poll!