Smarties have been around forever and while this occurrence is not a new, the snorting of the candy is growing among children and can have very dangerous side effects. Here's what you need to know.


Snorting smarties. It sounds silly, but more and more kids are doing it and the consequences are more severe than you may think.

Children are crushing up Smarties candies and snorting the powder. They are huffing sugary power up their nose to look "cool" doing fake drugs.

One quick search of "snorting smarties" on YouTube reveals videos of kids inhaling the candy for fun.

Aside from the obvious problem with this practice, experts warn shards of the Smarties will cut up the inside of the nose like razor blades if they haven't been broken up enough. Even more disturbing, and gross, the leftovers of this powder can lead to maggots living in your nasal cavity.

You read right, maggots.

Nose specialists have stated that maggots could actually feed on the dust left up there, lay eggs and spread in the nasal cavity.

Here is an actual letter a Maine school district sent home to parents about the growing trend.

Scarbourough Middle School

Long story short, snorting or smoking the candy is dumb and very dangerous.