Don't worry, Snooki isn't just influencing a new law because she's a nuisance.  This could actually be a good thing.....


Since I've moved to the Jersey Shore, the biggest complaint I hear from residents is "everyone thinks our beaches are one big reality show.  Cameras, drunkenness, fights, and hair gel; all people who don't live in New Jersey think we're just chaos.


The proposed law, called 'Snookiville' would let towns license and regulate the filming of reality television shows and impose conditions including requiring TV crews to pay for additional police officers needed to assure public safety.  (Courier-Post)



In other words, this will allow South Jersey towns to gain more control over the "situation', and hopefully have less bar-fights, public drunkenness (Dina), and chaos.


Not to mention the fact that this proposed law will help South Jersey towns pay for additional police officers for security, and if J-Wow and Snooki decide to film in your town, it must benefit local businesses.


Would you be upset if a reality show was filmed in your town?  Comment below.....

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