Snooki and J-Wow want to return Seaside for a little 'vacation time'.  Residents may have a different idea....

Word on the street is that MTV has rented a house on Pelican Island, and will be filming episodes of 'Snooki and J-Wow'.


Many residents and government officials have since spoken up and voiced their disapproval.  In fact, according to the Star Ledger, property owners even held a meeting to prevent the reality stars from filming.


Snooki replied with this instagram:


snooki instagram/via NJ101.5













Grow up? Get over it?


Pelican Island residents packed the town hall meeting last night voicing their opinion, calling Snooki a 'disgrace'.


Berkeley Township Council President James Byrnes believes that the filming of the upcoming show would be a distraction from rebuilding from 'Superstorm Sandy'.