I know what you're thinking.  "Am I reading this right?  Did he just put Snooki and class in the same sentence?"

Yes I did, and here's why.....


Snooki and her fiance were spotted at a recent New York Mets game.  When shown on the jumbo-tron, she was booed.


Heavily booed.


You could say it's because the Mets have lost 11 of their last 12 games and the fans are just in a "bad mood".


OK, maybe not.


Snooki then turned to her twitter to address the booing.  According to Yahoo!, "

Lol I love it "@spielster: Love that a whole stadium just booed @snooki. @Citifield."

She also added,

"Glad I made your night," she replied to one Twitter poster, who tweeted: "We need better and decent celebrity fans! Had a great time booing @snooki at the game tonight."

According to fans, she seemed "approachable, funny, and even took part in the Mets play by play booth; even after being booed.

Most divas would just storm off and vow to never return, instead, Snooki stayed put and took it all in.

Perhaps being pregnant and starting a new family is changing things for the better?  Time will only tell.