A Mullica Township teacher's career hangs in the balance while a school board decides whether she should be fired for an allegedly indecent incident involving two students that happened on her watch.  We want to know if you think Kelly Mascio deserves to lose her job.  Voice your opinion in our poll.

Last September, kindergarteners in Mascio's elementary school classroom were watching a movie when two students allegedly went into the room's bathroom where "they removed their clothes and touched each other's private parts."

After becoming aware that an inappropriate situation had taken place Mascio immediately reported it to her supervisors, according to 6abc.com.  Despite that she may still lose her job.

Last night during a meeting of the Mullica Township school board, Mascio's supporters came out in droves, both parents and fellow educators, asking for her suspension to be lifted and her job reinstated.

"They went into the bathroom, it was a violation of the classroom rules and she immediately reported it," said Barbara Rheault of the Mullica Township Education Association.

Mascio has been suspended with pay since September 30th and, earlier this month, the board voted 8-1 to have her fired.

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