Without question, bullying is a continuing problem in our schools.  The state of New Jersey, and SoJO 104.9 are taking a stand with the 'Week of Respect' program.   However, are we assuming that bullying doesn't exist in our work environments?


There is technically not a law for adult bullying at work.  Physical and sexual harassment is against the law, but there is no law for intimidation, threatening comments, being laughed at, or work interference.


Let's not forget how costly bulling can be for employees and employers.  According to forbes, "About 45% of individuals targeted by bullies at work suffer stress-related health problems, that could include cardiovascular problems, an impaired immune system, debilitating anxiety and even post-traumatic stress disorder."


While we take steps for further legislation for our teachers to report bullying and further teach our students to respect each other, we often forget about adults in the work environment.


Granted, "another New Jersey law" may not do any good.  At the end of the day, it's up to office management to oversee their staff members.  It's up to management to treat their employees with respect.  Often, adults seem to just accept the abuse, and fail to report it.


So, does it make a difference if there is a law?  Or, in the stance against bullying, do we include adults and take proper action as a state?


By the way,I just totally threw a spit ball at Heather DeLuca.