Tom Morgan decides to bring some normalcy back to the SoJO Morning Show tomorrow morning with legend T.J. Hooker / Denny Crane / Captain James T. Kirk.

The 81-year-old William Shatner is still going - from his unforgettable commercials for Priceline, to his 2-time Emmy Award winning role on Boston Legal, then there is his talk show in BIO (Shatner's Raw Nerve), and those public appearances to make those "Trekkies" happy everywhere - now he's coming to Atlantic City in November.

Captain Kirk is his most memorable role, racking up about 100 episodes of Star Trek in its 2 incantations on TV (the 60s classic show, and the Saturday morning cartoon that ran in '73-'74), and on the big screen (7 movies between 1979 - 1994).  Ironically he's been Denny Crane on TV more that he's been Kirk (107 episodes of Boston Legal).

When you throw in his 90 episodes of T.J. Hooker, you have a man that is on a TV somewhere in the world at any given time in re-runs (Hooker can be seen on the Universal HD Channel).

You can see him back at the Priceline Negotiator in a current commercial that has him alive - he was to have died a death in a bus collapse and fire.

Shatner will chat with Morgan on Friday morning, will explain his up-coming show at Harrah's in A.C. on November 10th, and he takes the Pop Quiz to expose his Raw Nerve.

Now the question is whether Shatner may sing for Morgan on Friday ....

Tune in to the SoJO Morning Show starting at 5:30am.