The Coast Guard is searching for David McAuliffe, a resident of Egg Harbor Township, who has been missing since Tuesday afternoon.

According to The Press of Atlantic City, McAuliffe's boat 'left Farley State Marina in Atlantic City at about 7:45 a.m. Tuesday morning.  He was the only crew member.'


Later that afternoon, the Coast Guard received an alert from an emergency radio beacon.  They tried to reach the Tow Captain, but radio and cell phone calls were not returned.


The search continued Tuesday night, and all day yesterday.  The Coast Guard believes the missing boat does have a survival kit, including two life rafts.


UPDATE: NBC 40 reports that 'the search was called off around 8:30 Wednesday night. Coast Guard officials say they have searched over 400 square miles.

Over 30 hours later the family is still holding onto the hope that he is alive and fighting for his life out in the water.'


It's time like these when I really wished I owned a boat, and had the most experienced coast guard buddies around me.  The only thing I CAN do is continue to pray and hope for the best.  I couldn't imagine what his wife and 15 year old daughter are going through right now..