CBS did not make New Jersey welcome long in the new TV season, and the 1st casualty of the new season was Made In Jersey - sadly I called this one a couple of weeks ago.

The new series opened with low numbers and major pressure in the second week to improve.  The end results saw this Friday night series go from about 7.8 Million viewers to about 5.8 Million viewers over a weeks time.  That all CBS needed to see and pulled Made In Jersey after just those 2 episodes.

I posted a couple of weeks ago about this show and the flaws that it had - I did not want to be right about it being the first show to get the axe this season since Jersey was part of the title and the backdrop, but this show just seemed uninspired from the beginning.  You can read about my correct predicting by clicking here.

With Jersey Shore in its last season on MTV, and now this new show cancelled, the only show that will be left standing with New Jersey as a backdrop is Boardwalk Empire on HBO.  Can't somebody create a modern scripted show that New Jersey is painted in a good light, and be entertaining?  Is Kevin Smith paying attention?  Well he does have the reality show Comic Book Men on AMC, but can't he write something fun to help here?