The picture you see here is an actual Blue Lobster.  This rare specie that exists among 1 in every 2 million lobsters - and you thought the closet you would come to seeing a Blue Claw was Lakewood!?!?!

This Blue Claw was found today down around Ocean City .......... Maryland.  Would have been poetic to have been found in New Jersey, but the story goes that fisherman on their daily run and came up with something that is not part of their daily routine.

The crew of the Pot Luck brought the lobster in yesterday from 100 miles off the Ocean City, Md.  This catch is now making news up and down the eastern seaboard.  What makes this catch so rare is because this lobster is a genetic pigment mutation and it is believed to only occur in one in every 2 Million lobsters.

This crustacean is now at the National Aquarium in Washington, D.C. where the public can get a good look.  Nice place for it, but the better spot for this rare find would be Lakewood, NJ.

The Lakewood Blue Claws are the Phillies Class A minor league team.  The team has been the rare attendance success in lower level minor league baseball - consistently drawing over 6,500 fans per game at First Energy Park.  SoJO recently gave away tickets for new fans of the Blue Claws for Father's Day gifts.

Could you not picture the ultimate lobster tank as you enter the ballpark with this "Blue Claw" swimming for the loyal Lakewood fans?  Sure the National Aquarium makes sense, but at the ballpark in Lakewood would have been more creative.