You think it's too early to determine might be hot for 2012?  If you search the web, you'll find thousands of web sites trying to determine just that.  Opinions - it's true that everyone has one, and determining what may break big this year is subject to interpretation.  This is where I come in by gather as much information as I could and determine 10 Potential Trends To Watch For In 2012.

1) Baby Names beginning with the letter "A"

Over the last 2 years, some of the most popular baby names have begun with the letter "A", and that trend looks to continue in the new year.  Look for more people name Asher, Ava, Aiden, Abigail, Alexa and Alexander in 2012.

2) The power of The Sweater Vest

Whether you agree or disagree with the politics of potential GOP presidential nominee Rick Santorum, he has already created one of the early sensations of 2012.  His Sweater Vests even have their own Facebook page - feel the power!  In case you are interested, the former Pennsylvania senator buys most of his sweater vests from Jos. A Bank (locations in Marlton, Glouchester, and Cherry Hill - hope this plug gets us some sweater vests for the staff here!)

3) The Marriage of Celebrities with The Food Network

The new series Rachel vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off drew in about 4 Million viewers for its debut this past Sunday.  The show has brought record ratings for the network, and creating a trend that should become bigger this year.  The chefs on the network are becoming stars in their own right (rumors are running that Bobby Flay and Giada DeLaurentis are pitching a talk show to go against the former Regis and Kelly), and the Hollywood "foodies" are watching this carefully.  There may be less of a D-List stigma showing up on the Food Network - just ask Matthew McConaughey who was a guest on Guy Fieri's cooking show last year.

4) Higher Volume at Discount Web Sites

Are you going to turn down a deal for a place you want to shop at?  A deal that could save you at least 50%?  Just look on the website for Seize The Deal and notice gym memberships for more than 50% off!  The trend was already blossoming in 2011, and this year should be a banner year, so check out and click on South Jersey (I sound like a commercial you may have heard)

5) Comeback of The Year - Madonna

Lady Gaga has creatively borrowed from "The Material Girl", and now 2012 will be time for the ageless wonder to recapture her place as the Pop Queen.  With a new album through Interscope Records coming out, a world tour, and the coveted Halftime slot for the Super Bowl, the 53-yr-old diva is driven to show her stuff and her fans will flock to her again in a big way!

6) Retro will be more "In Style"

Madonna kind of plays into this, but there is the 50th Anniversary Tour of The Beach Boys, and reunited again Van Halen with David Lee Roth, Paul McCartney touring again, the return of the American Pie crew to the big screen (American Reunion), and Titanic comes back to the big screen in 3-D (don't we know by now that the boat sinks?  Do we have to resurrect this ship yet again?)

7) Toyota

Detroit's Big-3 did rebound in 2011 according to reports.  Toyota would seem be next to benefit from a continuing trend in 2012.  After an off year in 2011, the Toyota people say its sales target for this year is based on achieving 20 percent growth from its global sales this year and would be a record high for the company, underlining its turnaround ambitions.

8) Record TV Ratings for all the Presidential Debates

Viewership for the GOP race is already seeing significant spikes for FOX News and CNN.  This trend should not only continue in 2012, but come to a massive head once President Obama squares off against the Republican nominee.  Something to ponder: how much more attention would debates later this year get if a 3rd candidate got into the fray (paging Donald Trump?)

9) More New Media

Reports point to seeing new devices, new content, new bundles, new phones and tablets, and maybe more of a willingness from people to spend more for on-line content.  Forbes magazine defends this prediction, showing the future is now in 2012.

10) The continued dominance of Original Programming from Cable Networks

Kelsey Grammer reinvented himself in 2011 with the critically acclaimed new drama Boss (STARZ), Don Cheadle may have the best new comedy for this year with House Of Lies (SHOWTIME), possibly the best talk show anywhere come from the UK with The Graham Norton Show (BBC America), and the Buzz is real for American Horror Story (FX).  With all do respecdt to ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, time to see this trend does not end unless you take more chances (High Risk does equal High Reward in this realm).