The Supreme Court is about to make a decision today that could impact your privacy.



Don't worry, just because police pull you over for a speeding ticket, doesn't mean they'll ask for your phone.  Then again, they may still have the right to do so.


If you're getting arrested, police could search through your cell phone, or any electronic device. (By the way, don't get arrested) This search would take place simply to find more evidence, and even catch some more 'bad guys' all at the same time.  Meanwhile, privacy advocates claim that, 'searching through a person's cell phone without a warrant following an arrest would be a substantial infringement on privacy, is unnecessary, and unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment.' (The Wire)


I have a mixed opinion on this issue.  On one hand, if a criminal is arrested, then they have lost that right of privacy in the name of obtaining evidence. (Depending on the circumstances, of course)   However, searching through one's personal cell phone without a warrant kind of sounds....wrong, right? Especially if the suspect is later found innocent.  But let's be honest here, if a cop asked for your cell phone, would YOU have anything to hide?