As we continue to get closer to Election Day, and you are trying to decide who should be the next president, ask yourself if you are properly registered to vote in New Jersey.

You still have time to get yourself registered to vote 22 days from today, but you need to get this done by tomorrow.  If you need an application, you can go to to get one, and so long as you get your application postmarked by tomorrow you will be ready for the 2012 Election for President and U.S. Senator (incumbent Robert Menedez takes on Republican challenger Joe Kyrillos) plus others running in state and local positions.

You can also get registered at any Motor Vehicle Commission offices and Human Services offices.

One more reminder in this democratic process - Debate #2 between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney takes place on Tuesday night from Hofstra University (all the major networks and all the cable news channels will carry the debate starting at 9pm).