After having a career year for the Philadelphia Phillies, longtime starting catcher Carlos Ruiz will start the 2013 season suspended.

Ruiz (#51) had by far his best year of his 7 seasons with the Phillies in 2012, setting career highs with 16 Home Runs, 68 Runs Batted In, 121 Hits, 56 Runs scored, and his .325 batting average.  The 33-yr-old also went to his 1st All-Star game last season.

Ruiz has been a major fan favorite for years, and was a big part of Philly's 2008 World Championship when he went 6-for-16 hitting with 4 walks (.500 On Base Pct.) against the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series.

The Phillies will be without Ruiz until April 28, when he can make his season debut in New York against the Mets.  Ruiz will be allowed to fully participate during spring training and could spend April playing in extended spring games, but he will forfeit roughly $750,000 in salary during the suspension.

Reports say Ruiz tested positive for Adderall, a banned stimulant by Major League Baseball and a drug commonly used to control ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).  It has been seen that athletes have used Adderall for a "energy boost".

Ruiz is now the 4th player on Philly's 40-man roster who has been suspended at some point for MLB drug violations.  Kevin Frandsen (for Ritalin), Zach Collier (for Adderall), and Freddy Galvis (for the anabolic steroid Clostebol) are the other former offenders.